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Hiking & Cycling

Jutta Baumgart


Lietzow is the ideal starting point for some great hiking and cycling tours.


The walking and cycling excursions listed below are the result of the author’s many years of experience exploring the island.


On the whole, the trails take you through the unspoiled countryside around Lietzow, where – at times – you can still walk for an hour or so without meeting anybody. These routes always cross or pass close by Rugen’s nature reserves or Europe’s Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), such as protection areas for birds, for example.


Of course, the charm of such halcyon places has a price. The trails are often no more than dirt paths along the clifftops, sometimes quite steep and – owing to the vegetation – not always clearly discernible. What is more, the signposting or trail marking can be at disconcerting intervals, and some of the cycle paths would be more correctly described as mountain bike tracks – on which thicker tyres are certainly an advantage.


It is extremely important to treat all these areas, the animal and plant life, with the respect they deserve. Bridle your sporting ambitions, where necessary. Take the time to immerse yourself in the breath-taking surroundings and to traverse these areas with the necessary care, so that future generations will be able to enjoy them too.



Excursion details (soon all in English) and geofiles or kml files can be downloaded below the overview map

Overview ENG

(The photos in the following files are, unless otherwise noted, by Reinhart Schroeder-Baumgart, Jutta Baumgart or Steffen Thöle)

  1. Bike tour: Pulitz Island        /        GPX Pulitz    /    kml Pulitz

  2. Hiking tour: Lietzow to Schmale Heide/Feuersteinfelder        /        GPX Feuersteinfelder     /    kml Feuersteinfelder

  3. Hike along the Thiessow Embankment and to Prora        /        GPX Prora

  4. Fahrradtour von Lietzow nach Binz        /        GPX Binz 

  5. Wanderung entlang des Kleinen und Großen Jasmunder Boddens nach Ralswiek und zurück        /        GPX Ralswiek 

  6. Wanderung entlang des Großen Jasmunder Boddens nach Neuhof        /        GPX Neuhof 

  7. Wanderung nach Glowe oder Fahrradtour bis Forsthaus Gelm bei Glowe        /        GPX Glowe Wanderung        /        GPX Glowe Fahrradtour


Webcam Lietzow