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Rügen is an ornithologist's heaven. Probably more bird tourists come here than human tourists - and, like humans, they deliberately come at certain times of the year. In winter you can hear the Whooper Swans on the Bodden at night and in summer the sound of the Reed Warblers will accompany you as you wander along the shore.






This Black Stork spent the summer in Lietzow but will soon set off on its long journey south to warmer climes. Black storks are very shy and enjoy the shelter offered by Rugen's deciduous and deciduous mixed forests. They also like the plentiful fish they find in the Kleiner Jasmunder Bodden. More information is available here.


 © Heiko Klimenko



This Bearded Reedling loves Lietzow’s large reedbanks. About 16 cm in length, the Bearded Reedling is orange-brown in colour and has a long tail. Only the adult male sports the black moustache (not beard). The female and her young have a beige head.  Their call is a distinctive “ping”. More information is available here.


 © Heiko Klimenko



This Sea Eagle with its distinctive white tail feathers is a familiar sight in the sky over Spitzer Ort  Sea eagles are among Europe’s largest birds of prey. Their diet consists mainly of fish, and their wing span can reach up to 244 centimetres.


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