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Lietzow is located by the narrow strip of land separating the Kleiner Jasmunder Bodden from the Großer Jasmunder Bodden.


The village has a rich history. In 1827 about 20,000 flint tools were found in Spitzer Ort, evidence that the first settlement here dates back to the Neolithic Age. By the fourteenth century, Lietzow was a thriving little ferry port since there was no land connection separating the lagoons at that time. In 1868 the embankment was built for the road and, later, the railway. It was the master builder of the railway who built Lietzow's landmark castle.

Surrounded by breathtaking countryside, Lietzow also boasts a beautiful sandy beach. From here, on summer evenings, you can watch the fireworks that mark the culmination of Ralswiek's famous Störtebeker Festival.


A well-developed network of cycle tracks and footpaths leads in one direction to the famous ​​​​Feuersteinfeldern (flintstone fields), Mukran and Binz, and in the other direction through the Semper forest to Martinshafen and Glowe. Nature lovers will feel very much at home here.


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